TransPac Software now doing business as Scale Unlimited

What is Scale Unlimited?

We provide consulting and training to help you solve your big data problems.

We design and implement reliable end-to-end solutions that scale to any size, and can train your team to do the same. Our specialties include ETL, search, web mining and machine learning. We provide a full portfolio of services for the design, development, deployment and operation of big data systems built with Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr and Cascading.

We also offer training on Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr and Cascading, and teach Java programmers everything they need to know to start solving big data problems, using lab exercises and real-world examples to reinforce lecture content. Companies such as HP, Sun, Apple, eBay, NewEgg, RIM, IBM, Lockheed, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have benefited from our training – you can too.

Why the change?

TransPac Software is now focused on consulting and training for scalable data processing and search.

As such it made sense to change our name to better reflect what we’re doing.

If you’re a client, invoices will now say “TransPac Software dba Scale Unlimited”, to ensure there is no confusion as to the full legal name of the company; it’s still “TransPac Software, Inc”.